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Hello there – this blog is intended to be read by users of xBASE – a comparative bacterial genomics resource created by Prof. Mark Pallen’s group in the Bacterial Pathogenesis & Genomics Unit at the University of Birmingham. The blog will provide readers with information about developments on xBASE. Hopefully we will be able to provide mini-tutorials and answer questions on the subject of xBASE – with the motivation of being able to understand more about bacterial physiology and evolution by way of genomic data.

This blog is now linked from the front page of the xBASE sites, so I would be very pleased if any xBASE users would like to provide feedback about the service in the comments section. Anyone can post a comment, you don’t need to register with the site to do this, and you can even post anonymously should you wish! I would be interested in knowing how you are using xBASE at the moment, what limitations you are finding, and what could be improved.

From my point of view, the major issue we are going to deal with first is getting the databases back up to date, and providing an interface for you to see which databases are in xBASE, with their current version numbers. After that there are a whole heap of improvements we are planning on making, but I will save the details for a future blog post.

The aim is to try and update this blog weekly, probably on a Monday. The kind of things we will blog about will include

  • updates to the xBASE service
  • updates to the database
  • tutorials on new xBASE functionality
  • discussion of issues relating to the xBASE community

Anyway, lets see how it goes.

Nick Loman.

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