Properly awesome: HiSeq 2500 2×151 rapid run streaming to BaseSpace

OK, I think this is awesome enough to share with you guys. These are some metagenomics samples being run on a HiSeq 2500 in 2x151bp rapid run mode, with the results being streamed to BaseSpace in real-time.

What I love about this is that the various statistics and metrics update in real-time. I spent a very happy evening last night watching the counter tick up between each cycle (currently on cycle 186/318, should finish tonight some time).

BaseSpace main page showing flowcells currently running

The current run summary: projected total yield 96.3Gb (1 flowcell) with 91.8% >= Q30! And over 4Gb of barcode sequences!


Flowcell intensities

A visual map of flowcell intensities: looks like slightly higher intensity at the top of each lane

Quality score histogram

Quality score heatmap: looks fairly similar to the MiSeq

Cluster densities per lane (2 lanes per flowcell on HiSeq 2500, up to 2 flowcells at a time – not necessarily synchronised)

Intensities per sample – note boost at cycle 100

We loaded some samples at higher concentration but one of the barcodes seems to be out of whack (and different from our MiSeq test run)

Conflict of interest disclaimer: These samples are being run by Illumina UK for us (for free).

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