Nick Loman

Nick Loman

Balti and Bioinformatics: 27th May, 2014

We’re back after a bit of a hiatus following last year’s triumphant Beatles and Bioinformatics (available to watch on YouTube). As usual this is a meeting organised by juniors, aimed at those toiling at the coal-face (but all ages welcome!) with a strong focus on methods and technologies and discussion. We go for a Birmingham […]

The biggest genome sequencing projects: the uber-list!

I am just writing a short presentation for a meeting in Hinxton. I wanted to demonstrate the profound effect that whole-genome sequencing is having on the study of biology, and the size and scope of recent studies. So I thought it would be fun to catalogue the largest – in terms of samples – genome […]

Course Advert: NERC Workshop on Population and Metagenomics Analysis

I help out with a fair few workshops on genomic analysis, but most are limited by being restricted to just a day or two, hardly enough time to cover more than the basics. So the 10 day long NERC Population and Metagenomics Analysis course, organised by the fantastic Konrad Paszkiewicz from the University of Exeter is a […]

Learning to say no: Seven questions to ask before accepting an invitation

I just got back from a short meeting in the States. Even though I was only out of the office a few days, I am now even further behind with backed-up peer review, finishing manuscript drafts, collaborations. My long-suffering family now have to cope with me being tired and irritable while I catch up on […]

Post-doc opportunity with Chris Quince!

Another job ad! I’ll try and post some original content soon. This is an opportunity to post-doc with Chris Quince, one of the smartest mathematical modellers working on genome and metagenome data ‘in the game’ (and also my mentor). Apply now (after reading the job description) ! Research Associate Bioinformatics for integrating polyomics data from […]