The biggest genome sequencing projects: the uber-list!

I am just writing a short presentation for a meeting in Hinxton. I wanted to demonstrate the profound effect that whole-genome sequencing is having on the study of biology, and the size and scope of recent studies. So I thought it would be fun to catalogue the largest – in terms of samples – genome […]

Methods for taxonomic assignment of shotgun whole-genome metagenomics reads

Part of an introductory course on whole-genome shotgun metagenomic sequence analysis, I thought it might be useful to reproduce here. I am working on building a regularly updated PAUDA and LAST index of microbial-RefSeq protein sequences that might be useful for those who would like to save some time, or don’t have enough memory to […]

Applied Bioinformatics & Public Health Microbiology: 15 – 17 May 2013

The awesome ABPHM meeting is back in 2013! This is a really nice conference that I am very happy to help organise. It’s a bit different from other public health microbiology conferences in that it specifically aims to bring together public health microbiologists and epidemiologists with bioinformaticians. Once we have everyone in the same room, […]