Genomic Epidemiology

The biggest genome sequencing projects: the uber-list!

I am just writing a short presentation for a meeting in Hinxton. I wanted to demonstrate the profound effect that whole-genome sequencing is having on the study of biology, and the size and scope of recent studies. So I thought it would be fun to catalogue the largest – in terms of samples – genome […]

Applied Bioinformatics & Public Health Microbiology: 15 – 17 May 2013

The awesome ABPHM meeting is back in 2013! This is a really nice conference that I am very happy to help organise. It’s a bit different from other public health microbiology conferences in that it specifically aims to bring together public health microbiologists and epidemiologists with bioinformaticians. Once we have everyone in the same room, […]

Whole-genome sequencing for MRSA epidemiology: Transmission and “clouds of variation”

Whole-genome sequencing for MRSA epidemiology: Transmission and “clouds of variation”

It’s an unusual sensation to wake up in the morning and hear Moira Stewart on the Radio 2 breakfast show talking about bacterial genomics and whole-genome sequencing. But it wasn’t a lucid dream, the publication of a new paper from Simon Harris and Sharon Peacock (of Cambridge University and the Sanger Centre, respectively) in Lancet […]

Would you be interested in attending a regular, informal meeting on sequencing and bioinformatics in the Midlands?

Something I’ve wanted to do for ages in the Midlands since being inspired by Scotland’s excellent Nextgenbug series, please register below if you are interested:

UK Next Gen Sequencing Meeting 2012 – Loads of good talks

Shameless plug alert, I promise I’ll get back to more in-depth blogging sometime soon! If you haven’t already, please register for the UK NGS Meeting 2012 held in Nottingham, UK on August 28-30. This is the third incarnation of this relaxed meeting which has a diverse cross-section of NGS talks. There are particularly strong talks […]

SBTM12: Sequence-based typing methods for micro-organisms

I’m going to be helping out with teaching the NGS-related aspects of this course which might be interesting to you if you are thinking about using whole-genome sequencing for bacterial typing. Keith Jolley will also be there, talking about his software BigsDB software and his new rMLST method for bacterial typing. The best news is […]

Benchtop Sequencer Comparison paper

In case you haven’t seen our recent paper, you can download the paper here (subscription required): Performance comparison of benchtop high-throughput sequencing platforms  Nature Biotechnology advance online publication published online 22 April 2012 Nicholas J Loman, Raju V Misra, Timothy J Dallman, Chrystala Constantinidou, Saheer E Gharbia, John Wain & Mark J Pallen Here is a press […]

Research Fellow in Microbial Bioinformatics

Research Fellow Microbial Bioinformatics University of Birmingham – School of Biosciences Salary: from £27,428 to £37,990 a year Fixed term: until 31 July 2016 Closing date: 17 December 2011 Reference: 47410 Applications are invited for a Research Fellow position devoted to bioinformatics support and research in the field of high-throughput sequencing and the microbiology of trauma patients. This exciting opportunity […]