Illumina’s Homebase: And other more interesting sounding trademarks …

Illumina’s Homebase: And other more interesting sounding trademarks …

The US trademark search interface is a fun way to predict new products that may be slated for release. What have Illumina got? Serial Number Reg. Number Word Mark Check Status Live/Dead 1 86047970 FORENSEQ TSDR LIVE 2 86039515 NEXTSEQ TSDR LIVE 3 86024001 UNDERSTAND YOUR GENOME TSDR LIVE 4 86003145 IHOPE TSDR LIVE 5 […]

MiSeq V3 kits: what’s new?

MiSeq V3 kits: what’s new?

Last week Illumina announced the release of the V3 MiSeq reagent kit. Before any reagent kits had even arrived, I had downloaded the 2.3 software pack and begun digging though the recipes and configs looking for clues as to how this impressive doubling of output had been achieved. Here are the specs from the Illumina […]

Fraxinus: Crowd-gaming ash dieback disease

I received this email from Arran Frood at the BBSRC about their new Facebook game to help harness the the power of the crowd, in this case helping with difficult genome alignments in an attempt to discover new variants that might be important in susceptibility or resistance to the serious problem of  ash dieback disease […]

Upcoming meetings of interest

If you are into sequencing, genomics and bioinformatics, here are a couple of must-attend dates for your diary! This September, kicking off the second “conference season” of the year, is UK Genome Science 2013. This is one of the largest meet-ups of genomics people in the UK. I like to say it is our version […]

I want to learn bioinformatics! A guide for complete beginners.

I asked a question on Twitter yesterday: What is the correct way to handle a request to “help me learn bioinformatics” from a non-computer-literate person? This is a frequent request I encounter, and although I have various stock answers, I was curious to find out what you guys would say. Further, I wanted a resource […]

Crowd-sourcing killer outbreaks: Nice video from the BBSRC and Arran Frood

The BBSRC have done a nice job making a short video about the E. coli O104:H4 outbreak crowd-sourcing project, featuring little old me as well as the far more telegenic Lisa Crossman. Check it out, it’s got some spooky music too. Also please check out the OpenAshDieBack crowd-sourcing project currently ongoing, coordinated by the chaps […]

A chat with Oxford Nanopore’s Clive Brown at AGBT 2013

A chat with Oxford Nanopore’s Clive Brown at AGBT 2013

Don’t judge me, reader, because I’d skipped a session at AGBT to go and have a swim in the sea. A man can only spend so much time in dimly-lit, low-ceilinged hotel conference rooms, popping low-sugar sweets, before the will to live ebbs away. On returning to the conference, passing the bar I spotted a […]

Loman’s law of bioinformatics

Loman’s (first) law of bioinformatics states: If you haven’t found at least one serious bug in the bioinformatics pipeline you are re-using then you don’t yet understand it. Loman’s second law of pipelines: By the time you’ve got someone elses pipeline working to your satisfaction you could have written your own. Loman’s third law of […]