Undergraduate teaching materials are neither created nor destroyed

Working on the basis that undergraduate teaching materials are neither created nor destroyed, only transferred (Loman, 2009) I can heartily recommend this two part tutorial on DNA sequencing from Luke Jostins. I’m aware that my slides need updating to explain next-generation sequencing as well as Sanger sequencing to our 2nd year bioinformatics BSc students and […]

This year’s must-have homeware accessory

This year’s must-have homeware accessory

Used 454 PicoTiterPlates(tm) make lovely drinks coasters and are a guaranteed talking point at your next party! These PicoTiterPlates(tm) are modelled with a Cath Kidston coffee mug and a pack of Organic Masala Rooibos Tea (yum). Please note that PicoTiterPlates(tm) are for research purposes only and the FDA has not advised on their utility as […]

What can you do with 1000 base pair reads?

Has anyone else noticed this yet? The page “Future of 454 Sequencing” on the Roche website poses the rather tantalising question: What can you do with 1000 base reads? The page is accompanied by a rather sexy graph showing a 454 Titanium run acheiving a modal read length of 766 base pairs. For those not […]

Fight the Future: The (Re-)Launch of this blog

We started this Blog under the name “xBASE blog” a couple of years ago, with the idea that it allow us to publicise developments with our xBASE genomics facility. However, it is now clear that we need to write on a much broader canvas and tackle all manner of exciting developments that are taking place […]

Importing Genbank Data, Quickly

NCBI is currently listing a total of 1668 bacterial genome projects, counting both complete and incomplete. With the advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies this number looks set to mushroom even further. This is great news, but for bioinformaticians it provides serious challenges. When it came to updating the xBASE database, we found ourselves in a […]